Monday, April 25, 2011

Mod Times Quiltalong

I have decided to do the Mod Times Quiltalong!  Here is the original by Twin fibers:

I am picking out my fabric tonight...I think I will need to go buy some Kona Black.  Stay tuned.  I will post pictures of my fabric for this one tomorrow!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Won!

I got to work this morning and pulled up my email like normal...only it wasn't normal.  There was an email from Wendy Poling (who blogs over at Sewing in the Wendy City).  I opened the email and the first line of the email started with "Mary, Congrats!  You are the winner of my Riley Blake giveaway"...  YAY! 

Keep an eye out here and I'll post a picture as soon as the prize gets here!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Finished Quilt Tops

First, I should give thanks to my wonderful husband.  I have been trying for weeks to find a way to hang my quilt tops to take beautiful outside pictures of them; no success.  So, back up plan:  Ask tall husband to stand at an odd angle in the living room holding quilt tops so the light from the window reaches them.  The pictures aren't the greatest, but I will find a better way eventually!

Here is finished quilt top #1.  It was a mystery quilt from the International Mystery Series...I think.  It could also have been from the North American Mystery Series (same company).  In the picture above, you can see what the colors actually look like.  In the picture below, you can see what the overall pattern looks like...and my husbands legs.  :)

Finished quilt top #2.

This one was a mystery available at the Fat Quarters Quilt Guild's annual retreat.  It was designed by Debbie Barber.

hmmm...I think I will need to do some cropping and photoshop work to my future photos.  Yep, they definitely need alteration.

Okay...onto finished quilt top #3.

This quilt was also a mystery from the International Mystery Series.

It's a bit wrinkly...oops.  Notice the corner design!

That is what happens when you don't have any corner stones and you are doing a piano key border.

Now, on to an almost finished quilt top.  I have been participating in the Supernova Quiltalong over at Freshly Pieced and have almost managed to keep up with everyone!  Right now, I am at a standstill waiting some more of the nave solid.  I ran out with just a little left to go on the border.  Here it is anyway!

I guess I better get sewing!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twice Upon a Time at Quilt Festival

...continued from the last post here.

Want to see what else I bought?  Of course you do!  That was just a silly question.  Let's just get right into it, shall we?

One of my favorite booths (and I only say that because I shopped there 4 times in 2 days) was booth 712; Bolines LLC.  This booth had 1/2 yard cuts for $2.99...and lots of them.  I kept going back because whenever a tub emptied, another tub would magically appear in it's place (imagine angels singing here...) with more and usually different fabric selections in it.  OMG! 

As you can see, I made my own fabric bundles from these half yard cuts.  So happy!

On top of the 1/2 yard deals, they also had cheap fat quarters (I can't remember how much they were) and on the other side of the walkway, they had 5 yard bundles for $30.  Score!

I bought 2 bundles (L) that seem to be from the same line of fabric, so they coordinate very well with only 1 repeating pattern between them.  The other bundle (R) caught my eye as I was walking to the checkout.  Such a lovely color palette!

Down the same row, was another booth: Some Art Fabric.  They also had 5 yard  bundles for $30.  I only got 1 this time, but not due to lack of choices!  Just the opposite.  Too many choices!

I finally settled on the one above because of the color combination.  How fun! 

I also found these (full price - bleh) in the booth, but they match some fabric I already have, so yay!

I went to the web site today and discovered that they are having a sale!  You can get a grab bag of 20 random 1 yard cuts for only $30.  Shipping was about $11, so that makes it about $2 a yard.  WooHoo!

I also found this fabric in the Dona Sharp booth.  I don't remember how much it was, but I remember being pleased (even if I had to remind her about the price listed on the wall for it when she tried to overcharge me).

On our way home from the show, we stopped at Fabric Shack and lo and behold, they were having a tent sale AND the local fire dept was having a cookout thing!  Whew!

We went to the tent first.  I know, I know...duh.  In the tent, we found these lovelies on a steep discount.

What?  What is that you ask?  Why yes, that IS a honeybun of Neptune nestled into that grouping of fabric.  I L-O-V-E this line of fabric!  When I got home, I immediately googled in search of some more of it so I would have some bigger pieces, but no luck.  The few people that have some of this fabric are charging an arm and a leg for it.  I guess I will have to mix it with something else.  *sigh*  On the right side picture, we have several fat quarters in Tina Givens designs...I just love her colors!  There is also some yardage of a very nice brown on cream fabric.  who doesn't need that?

Another stop in Cincinnati was at Aunt Ruth's Quilt Shop.  She has a lovely sale area.  I found these fabrics for $5 a yard, so I got 1 yard of each.

Oh!  And when I got home, there was a box waiting for me.  Yep.  A box.  I look at the label and what do I see?  I see that the box is from the Fat Quarter Shop. Did you hear that?  No?  Oh, well, then that wasn't me squealing in delight.  ahem.  I rip open the box and pull out the goods and immediately disappear into the craft room to oggle them...I mean neatly fold them and put them where they belong.  Wanna see what I got?  Of course you do.

 I got 1/2 yard of each print.  I finally come back out of the craft room and Mr. Genius asks "what was in the box".  My reply was "fabric".  He responds with "of course it is" - insert eye roll here - and smiles.  Good thing he is patient and understanding about my fabric addiction.  LOL  He is truly the best husband a girl could ask for.  Maybe he deserves a quilt...

Friday, April 15, 2011

Supernova! and a new quiltalong

As I have mentioned before, I am participating in the Supernova Quiltalong over at Freshly Pieced.  Here is my progress so far...

My blocks so far

All of the blocks are completed and pressed.  phew!  Now, I need to sew all the blocks into rows (the picture is not the final arrangement) and then sew on borders and such. I hope to get this accomplished tomorrow...maybe Sunday.

I am so pleased with the how the quilt-a-long went that I am going to join another.  This one is the Ogee/Curlicue Quiltalong on Pickle Dish.  Have you seen it?  It is awesome!  Here is the picture of the quilt from the Curlicue Crush pattern...

Picture from Curlicue Crush by Rebecca Johnson from Chasing Cottons
They say this quilt takes 20 fat quarters.  I plan on getting as many of these as I can from my current stash.  We'll see how it goes...

And, just because I feel the need to share...these are my 2 fur-babies.  Fuego on the left and Ricky on the right.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Once Upon a Time at Quilt Festival

I had an amazing time in Cincinnati!  I meant to take more pictures at the actual show, but I was too busy shopping... get to see pictures of what I bought (on preview night; pics of the rest of the purchases still to come), the one thing at the show I took a picture of and then some of the other things Holly and I did in Cincinnati.

First, let's start with the one thing at the show that I had to get a picture of...and, of course, I don't remember which booth it was.  If you know, let me know!

Next up, fabric bought from Marcia Derse Fabrics booth.  These photos do not do her fabric justice!

  TL: Fat quarter pack in red.  TR: Fat quarter pack spread out.  BL: Additional fabrics purchased and a sampler of 50 2x2 inch squares.  BR all my fat quarters piled up.

She was so nice, that when my friend and I both wanted the last fat quarter of a design, she took a half yard cut and ripped it in half for us...twice!

One of the things I was specifically looking for during my shopping, was green fabric with gold metallic accents that  were not Christmas for my metallic Dear Jane quilt (see more about that at Our Hoppy Place) and also brown tonal batiks for my batik Dear Jane quilt.  I found quite a few green metallics and only a couple brown batiks that I didn't already have.  Here they are...

Unfortunately, there is no indicator on the packaging at all for me to know which booth it came from.
 All of these came from Custom Creations.  They had so many awesome choices!  So many, in fact, that I bought a couple red ones that I didn't know, because we never buy fabric that we don't need...

I also found some green metallics at Graphic Impressions.

I will post the rest of the fabric that I bought tomorrow...after I get a chance to take some pictures of it.

While in Cincinnati, Holly and I ate and drank... a lot.

For breakfast we found this awesome place:

Check them out here
They make the crepe right in front of you (think subway style).  The girl behind the counter had the "crepe swirl" down to an art form.  We both got the "It's Just Fruit" crepe with added chocolate chips. YUM!

We also found this cute little cupcakery.

Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery
 So...what to do when 2 friends enter a cupcakery and can't decide which cupcake to get?

Get two completely different flavors, cut them in half (see mom, I DID learn to share!) and make Franken-cupcakes.  The one on the left is the Double Trouble (chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla butter cream, dipped in ganache) and the one on the right is either Strawberry Blast or Strawberry Delight...not sure which one.  Either way, both were super yummy!

For dinner and beer, we found the Rock Bottom Brewery.
 The Rock Bottom Brewery is located just behind and to the left of this fountain.  Isn't it pretty?

They had a Fire Chief ale that we just had to try (Mr. Genius is a firefighter) and it was good!

View inside the bar
 We had dinner there and then made it to happy hour the next day for another round...

We also managed to attend a beer tasting for Goose Island Brewery at Jungle Jim's.  Read more about the beer tasting at Our Hoppy Place.

to be continued...