Monday, April 11, 2011

Once Upon a Time at Quilt Festival

I had an amazing time in Cincinnati!  I meant to take more pictures at the actual show, but I was too busy shopping... get to see pictures of what I bought (on preview night; pics of the rest of the purchases still to come), the one thing at the show I took a picture of and then some of the other things Holly and I did in Cincinnati.

First, let's start with the one thing at the show that I had to get a picture of...and, of course, I don't remember which booth it was.  If you know, let me know!

Next up, fabric bought from Marcia Derse Fabrics booth.  These photos do not do her fabric justice!

  TL: Fat quarter pack in red.  TR: Fat quarter pack spread out.  BL: Additional fabrics purchased and a sampler of 50 2x2 inch squares.  BR all my fat quarters piled up.

She was so nice, that when my friend and I both wanted the last fat quarter of a design, she took a half yard cut and ripped it in half for us...twice!

One of the things I was specifically looking for during my shopping, was green fabric with gold metallic accents that  were not Christmas for my metallic Dear Jane quilt (see more about that at Our Hoppy Place) and also brown tonal batiks for my batik Dear Jane quilt.  I found quite a few green metallics and only a couple brown batiks that I didn't already have.  Here they are...

Unfortunately, there is no indicator on the packaging at all for me to know which booth it came from.
 All of these came from Custom Creations.  They had so many awesome choices!  So many, in fact, that I bought a couple red ones that I didn't know, because we never buy fabric that we don't need...

I also found some green metallics at Graphic Impressions.

I will post the rest of the fabric that I bought tomorrow...after I get a chance to take some pictures of it.

While in Cincinnati, Holly and I ate and drank... a lot.

For breakfast we found this awesome place:

Check them out here
They make the crepe right in front of you (think subway style).  The girl behind the counter had the "crepe swirl" down to an art form.  We both got the "It's Just Fruit" crepe with added chocolate chips. YUM!

We also found this cute little cupcakery.

Abby Girl Sweets Cupcakery
 So...what to do when 2 friends enter a cupcakery and can't decide which cupcake to get?

Get two completely different flavors, cut them in half (see mom, I DID learn to share!) and make Franken-cupcakes.  The one on the left is the Double Trouble (chocolate cupcake filled with vanilla butter cream, dipped in ganache) and the one on the right is either Strawberry Blast or Strawberry Delight...not sure which one.  Either way, both were super yummy!

For dinner and beer, we found the Rock Bottom Brewery.
 The Rock Bottom Brewery is located just behind and to the left of this fountain.  Isn't it pretty?

They had a Fire Chief ale that we just had to try (Mr. Genius is a firefighter) and it was good!

View inside the bar
 We had dinner there and then made it to happy hour the next day for another round...

We also managed to attend a beer tasting for Goose Island Brewery at Jungle Jim's.  Read more about the beer tasting at Our Hoppy Place.

to be continued...


  1. looks like alot of nice fabrics! I like Rock Bottom,their Nachos are HUGE!!

  2. It's me, Lesly, from the Ogee Quiltalong - I tracked you back from your comment and when I saw the Marcia Derse fabric you got I just had to chime in. I am such a fanatic for her stuff - I just salivate whenever I see it. I especially love the reds and turquoises in her latest line! If I wasn't already committed to using solids for the Ogee quiltalong I would definitely use some of my precious MD stash!


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