Saturday, April 16, 2011

Twice Upon a Time at Quilt Festival

...continued from the last post here.

Want to see what else I bought?  Of course you do!  That was just a silly question.  Let's just get right into it, shall we?

One of my favorite booths (and I only say that because I shopped there 4 times in 2 days) was booth 712; Bolines LLC.  This booth had 1/2 yard cuts for $2.99...and lots of them.  I kept going back because whenever a tub emptied, another tub would magically appear in it's place (imagine angels singing here...) with more and usually different fabric selections in it.  OMG! 

As you can see, I made my own fabric bundles from these half yard cuts.  So happy!

On top of the 1/2 yard deals, they also had cheap fat quarters (I can't remember how much they were) and on the other side of the walkway, they had 5 yard bundles for $30.  Score!

I bought 2 bundles (L) that seem to be from the same line of fabric, so they coordinate very well with only 1 repeating pattern between them.  The other bundle (R) caught my eye as I was walking to the checkout.  Such a lovely color palette!

Down the same row, was another booth: Some Art Fabric.  They also had 5 yard  bundles for $30.  I only got 1 this time, but not due to lack of choices!  Just the opposite.  Too many choices!

I finally settled on the one above because of the color combination.  How fun! 

I also found these (full price - bleh) in the booth, but they match some fabric I already have, so yay!

I went to the web site today and discovered that they are having a sale!  You can get a grab bag of 20 random 1 yard cuts for only $30.  Shipping was about $11, so that makes it about $2 a yard.  WooHoo!

I also found this fabric in the Dona Sharp booth.  I don't remember how much it was, but I remember being pleased (even if I had to remind her about the price listed on the wall for it when she tried to overcharge me).

On our way home from the show, we stopped at Fabric Shack and lo and behold, they were having a tent sale AND the local fire dept was having a cookout thing!  Whew!

We went to the tent first.  I know, I know...duh.  In the tent, we found these lovelies on a steep discount.

What?  What is that you ask?  Why yes, that IS a honeybun of Neptune nestled into that grouping of fabric.  I L-O-V-E this line of fabric!  When I got home, I immediately googled in search of some more of it so I would have some bigger pieces, but no luck.  The few people that have some of this fabric are charging an arm and a leg for it.  I guess I will have to mix it with something else.  *sigh*  On the right side picture, we have several fat quarters in Tina Givens designs...I just love her colors!  There is also some yardage of a very nice brown on cream fabric.  who doesn't need that?

Another stop in Cincinnati was at Aunt Ruth's Quilt Shop.  She has a lovely sale area.  I found these fabrics for $5 a yard, so I got 1 yard of each.

Oh!  And when I got home, there was a box waiting for me.  Yep.  A box.  I look at the label and what do I see?  I see that the box is from the Fat Quarter Shop. Did you hear that?  No?  Oh, well, then that wasn't me squealing in delight.  ahem.  I rip open the box and pull out the goods and immediately disappear into the craft room to oggle them...I mean neatly fold them and put them where they belong.  Wanna see what I got?  Of course you do.

 I got 1/2 yard of each print.  I finally come back out of the craft room and Mr. Genius asks "what was in the box".  My reply was "fabric".  He responds with "of course it is" - insert eye roll here - and smiles.  Good thing he is patient and understanding about my fabric addiction.  LOL  He is truly the best husband a girl could ask for.  Maybe he deserves a quilt...

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  1. MAYBE he deserves a quilt? MAYBE???? OF COURSE he deserves a quilt!!!


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