Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival - 2011

I decided to join in with the Blogger's Quilt Festival.  You can read about it on Amy's Creative Side.

The quilt I decided to share is the first quilt I ever entered in a show (and maybe my 2nd or 3rd quilt ever).  It is the T-shirt quilt I made for Mr. Genius.  He is a firefighter, so I used some of our fire department shirts to make it.

It would just be easier to show you than to try to tell you any more...You can click on the pictures to get more detail.

A really bad picture, but the only one with me in it.  :)

The quilting is done in red and blue thread.  There are red flames stitched into the yellow squares and then I squiggled blue everywhere else for water.

Mr. Genius informed me that although I "measured" the quilt for size using my self, I am short and he, well, isn't.  He has requested another version of the same quilt (meaning fire t-shirts) that is large enough for him and he will give me back the one that is apparently "Mary" sized.

Amy's Creative Side


  1. HaHa! My husband is a foot taller than me so he can relate to the quilter sized quilts.
    I really love your quilt, the design is eye catching and the yellow border squares really frame it up!

  2. very nice quilt! congrats on the ribbon.. I know about making pint sized quilts too!

  3. great setting and arrangement for a tshirt quilt, raises it way above the average t quilt.
    Come see my entries, #212 repro cheddar stars and 216 antique 1850 applique flower garden

  4. Very cute about the length of the quilt! Congrats on your ribbon - looks like a fun project!

  5. I love it. The flames are great and the t-shirt squares are now preserved as a tribute. Wonderful.

  6. I still love this quilt!! You did such a great job on it. :-)

  7. A great quilt. To bad it's short for your guy but that just means you'll be nice and warm under it! Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  8. Great quilt. Well done with your show results, too. Would it be easier to shrink your husband?

  9. Hey, just a quick note to let you know I'm featuring you tomorrow on SewHappyGeek Feature Friday! Thanks so much for linking up, and be sure to grab a button!

  10. Oh well. Still a great quilt! Tell him size isn't everything!


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