Saturday, May 28, 2011

The More You Enter, The More You Win!

It seems, I have won 2 more prizes from SMS May giveaway Day.  Yay Me!  I'm pretty sure I entered on 2 complete lists (just in case anyone was curious).  Anyway, here we go...

I won this from Sharon at A Prairie Sunrise:
Now, if anyone doesn't recognize this as the prize she was giving away, it wasn't.  Once her followers started to climb, she decided that she would give away a couple extra prizes at the 75 follower mark and the 150 follower mark.  Congrats on all the followers, Sharon!  If you aren't a follower, you should def check her out!

Okay...the other prize I won is this from Kelsey from Kelsey Creates:

What an awesome array of fabrics, right?  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  Make sure you visit Kelsey!

Thanks to all who participated in SMS May Giveaway Day! 

I would love to hear from anyone else out there who won something.  What did you win?