Monday, May 9, 2011

QAL Progress

Well...I knew it would happen.  I took on too many at once.  Wanna see my progress?

Supernova QAL - supposed to be completed by May 12th

The borders on the front are actually completed; I just haven't made my husband hold it up for a picture.  As you can see, I have a front and a back.  It should be as simple as sandwiching it and sewing, but it turns out I hate the backing I pieced.  Love the silhouette in it, though.  You can see the exact size and shape of my husband behind that backing.  LOL.  I am going to rip it apart and distribute the orange around some more and get the blue parts in the center...ish.

Modern Times QAL - Should have all my pieces cut and pieced into their respective sections

So, after sewing all of the above incorrectly, I ripped them back apart.  I had to change all the black/tan/blacks to tan/black/tans.  that was fun.

I am now here.  Most of the pieces are cut and most of those are sewn.  I will do some more work on this during the week.

Ogee QAL - All the fabric should be cut before the next set of instructions comes out

 As it turns out, I am almost where I am supposed to be with this one.  I got all the fabric cut out in the above picture for it. 

As you can see, I stopped mid-stream.  The good news is that all I have left to cut is that small stack in the upper right corner.  Shouldn't take too long.

For Mother's Day, my husband and I took his mom out to brunch.  We gave her a yard of fabric and a card.  After Mr. Genius picked out the card, I looked at the huge, white envelope and thought "gee, that's a lot of white space..."  Yep, you guessed it.  I fixed it.  Here is the envelope after I went overboard.

Now, in case you haven't had a chance today, I will show you the metallic fabrics that my mother-in-law brought me back from her vacation.  These will get used for my Metallic Dear Jane quilt.

Thanks, Kyle!


  1. very nice supernova. I am kind of lagging on the Mod Times QAL... love what you did to you MIL's envelope.

  2. I love meeting fellow Louisianaians? Is that a word?? Anyway, thanks so much for visiting me and the sweet comment. You certainly do have so many quilts going on! But I'll bet they make you so happy! I love to sew and although I do small quilts, I also love making kids clothes, purses and other hand crafts. Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Thanks for the comments!


  4. I love your supernova colors - my brothers wedding colors were orange and navy and since then, I just love them together!


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