Thursday, June 2, 2011

W. I. P. Wursday (or lack thereof)

Well, it has been 2 weeks in a row with absolutely no sewing.  Here's why:

My craft room looks like a hurricane went through.  My craft room is actually a very small bedroom.  The room isn't even big enough to house a queen sized bed comfortably, but I have used it to store all of my quilting supplies AND all my mixed media art supplies.  All of that, and I don't have access to the closet in the room because it houses luggage and sports gear. 

As you can see, I have a lot of stuff.  This week, I am paring down the scrapbook supplies (how lucky for my sister-in-law).  The stack of scrapbook paper that I have decided I don't need is over a foot high.  WOW!  I haven't even begun to go through the non-paper stuff...

Here is the first little part that I organized and re-purposed from scrapbook to quilt storage.

On (most of) the horizontal shelves sits works in progress.  They are all at various stages and I plan on assessing and photographing each one when I am done organizing.  I am hoping that by posting this, I will be more likely to finish some of them.  In case you can't tell (because my iPhone took a crappy picture at 11:30 last night), there are over 20 unfinished projects on those shelves.  OMG!  The sad thing is that I know there are several more lurking in plastic ArtBin totes around the room.  I know of at least 4 that aren't on the shelves yet. 

Why did I choose now to start organizing?  Because my husband went to Canada for a week.  That means I can use every available surface in the house for a week to organize and sort with no complaints from the peanut gallery.

Anyway, that's my excuse for not sewing.


  1. Organizing is never fun!! You can do it and then think about how much more prepared you will be!! Good luck!!

  2. I, for one, think it is a very good reason! ;-) I used to scrapbook, until I realized I liked quilting better. I sold alot of my scrapbooking stuff. It was wonderful and so therapeutic to get rid of the crap I hadn't used in forever. Good luck with your organizing efforts. You'll feel better about it soon. )

  3. love the circular racks! Where did you get them????

  4. You'll feel so much better once you get organized.
    byw: thanx for your comment about my quilting problem. I'm just a begginer and you're a quilt genius.

  5. OH I'm NOT alone!!! Thank you! :)

  6. Hahaha!! Looks like my place often! ;D


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