Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retreat Prep!

I leave for a 4 day quilting retreat Thursday morning.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  I'm trying to pack, but I just know tat I have forgotten something.  What suggestions do you guys have?  What is the one thing you have ever forgotten for a retreat?

My first items to work on will be my October quilt bees (Always Bee Learning and Quilting NewBees).  After that, I will be sewing a top from my Kate Spain Terrain jelly roll.  I will post pictures when/if it is complete.  :)

After that, I plan on working on these babies if time allows.

I also plan on working on my Ogee quilt that I didn't quilt along with...

Now, I will be finishing up the quilting on my supernova if there is enough space.  I hope there will be, but history says that there won't be enough room to work on this one.  :(

Send me any packing/preparation suggestions.  :)  I'll try to compile them and link them here for the future use of mankind.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 10/19/2011

Hi y'all!  I have not sewn one single stitch since last Wednesday.  :(  Work has been busy and so have I. 

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Last weekend, I went to a scrapbook crop.  I did get some work done on my wedding album, so here are those pages.  Please pardon my crappy cell phone pictures taken in bad lighting...

I have also been coloring at work.  The last few weeks at work, my job has been to walk around and be visible to the users if they need any IT help.  While doing so, I came across a large piece of white paper stapled to the outside of a cube wall.  I decided to start coloring on it with markers.  This is what it looks like so far!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WARNING: Non-Quilty Post

Mr. Genius had ankle surgery a few weeks ago.  Earlier this week, his dad took him to his doc appointment to get a cast put on.  Mr. Genius (trying to be slick) chose a black cast and sent me a picture from the doctor's office.

He thought that if he got black, it wouldn't get written on.  LOL.  Of course, being the crafty girl that I am, I had to burst his bubble.  I decided the best tool to burst that bubble with was a Silver Metallic Sharpie.  :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 10/12/2011

This WIP is kind of sad.  I have not gotten a lot of sewing done, but I plan to remedy that at a retreat at the end of the month.

Let's start with the Bee blocks.

September's Quilting NewBees block is called Taffy Go 'Round and is for Eileen, aka bluebirdluxe.

September's Always Bee Learning block is a string pieced block and is for Marci of Marci Girl Designs.

August's Quilting NewBees block is a star pinwheel block and is for Chris, aka time2sew.

 I also made a custom turtle, but I didn't get a picture of it.  :(



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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


UPDATE:  I received the following comment:

I thought that I should post it here for everyone to read.  :)

I was looking for something to use to make a new banner for my blog (still not done and updated yet) so I put a post on Facebook to ask for help.  Any graphic artists who could help me.  My friend Paula said she would help, but what did I want?  That was a harder question than I thought it would be.  I knew I wanted something unique and edgy because that is who I am.  I scoured the internet looking at artwork and clipart and quilting websites.  I finally found an image of a (different) skull and cross-scissors on a T-shirt website.  My first thought was "I want that shirt".  Then, "duh!"  I should use that for my blog!!!  I googles skull and scissors and emailed Paula some images.  she used her handy dandy computer to make the logo.  she sent it to me in a couple of colors and with some different fonts. 

We finally settled on what you see below.  I am currently working on a black and white version that I can edit the colors on at will so I can use it for labels.  YAY!

Dawn from As Sweet as Cinnamon wants to know why the different blogs anr named what they are.  She is even holding a contest if you are willing to blog why your blog is named what it is.  Go here to link up your post for the contest.
Photo courtesy of my friend Paula

I thought of so many names for my blog before I started.  I knew that I didn't want my name in the blog name.  I (one day) would like to open my own quilt shop, so I tried to make it a name that I could use for that too if I wanted.  As I tested names to see which ones were already taken, my list kept getting shorter and shorter.  Quilt Genius wasn't even on the original list.  At some point, I typed it in and found that the web site was available, so I jumped on it and here I am.  :) 

Thanks for stopping by!