Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Retreat Prep!

I leave for a 4 day quilting retreat Thursday morning.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  I'm trying to pack, but I just know tat I have forgotten something.  What suggestions do you guys have?  What is the one thing you have ever forgotten for a retreat?

My first items to work on will be my October quilt bees (Always Bee Learning and Quilting NewBees).  After that, I will be sewing a top from my Kate Spain Terrain jelly roll.  I will post pictures when/if it is complete.  :)

After that, I plan on working on these babies if time allows.

I also plan on working on my Ogee quilt that I didn't quilt along with...

Now, I will be finishing up the quilting on my supernova if there is enough space.  I hope there will be, but history says that there won't be enough room to work on this one.  :(

Send me any packing/preparation suggestions.  :)  I'll try to compile them and link them here for the future use of mankind.


  1. how i wish i was going to a quilting retreat! i hope you get everything done that you pack up!

  2. You lucky thing. It's so funny; when I first got into sewing I heard about this quilt retreat weekend & thought who would do that? A year or so later with 2 little boys running around and not that much peace and quiet--
    Me, me, me pick me & sign me up. :) Have a great time!
    January T


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