Thursday, October 13, 2011

WARNING: Non-Quilty Post

Mr. Genius had ankle surgery a few weeks ago.  Earlier this week, his dad took him to his doc appointment to get a cast put on.  Mr. Genius (trying to be slick) chose a black cast and sent me a picture from the doctor's office.

He thought that if he got black, it wouldn't get written on.  LOL.  Of course, being the crafty girl that I am, I had to burst his bubble.  I decided the best tool to burst that bubble with was a Silver Metallic Sharpie.  :)


  1. Mary! that is absolutely awesome!

  2. You are a genius! I actually think I like the black cast way better than a white one! Hope he heals up soon!

  3. How did you get him to stay still for you? Mine would have been squirming and crawling away...LOL!
    Hope he recovers soon!


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