Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday - 10/19/2011

Hi y'all!  I have not sewn one single stitch since last Wednesday.  :(  Work has been busy and so have I. 

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Last weekend, I went to a scrapbook crop.  I did get some work done on my wedding album, so here are those pages.  Please pardon my crappy cell phone pictures taken in bad lighting...

I have also been coloring at work.  The last few weeks at work, my job has been to walk around and be visible to the users if they need any IT help.  While doing so, I came across a large piece of white paper stapled to the outside of a cube wall.  I decided to start coloring on it with markers.  This is what it looks like so far!


  1. I like your big doodle -- it looks like you could turn it into an artsy quilt when you have time. :)

  2. that is one huge doodle. i like it a lot. i find that coloring is very calming.

  3. Great job on the scrapbook layouts. You rock! It takes me forever to do one layout, and look what you got done in one crop!! I love your doodle too, that would be an amazing quilt!

  4. wow - you've been busy - great layouts


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