Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Recent Experince with Stichn' Heaven

I ordered a butt-load of fabric from Stitchin' Heaven.

All 30 yards - stacked
<--  That is 30 yards of fabric.  Whew!  The hardest part was picking it all out.  Just kidding.  LOL!  I could have picked out twice as much.

Let's start at the beginning.

Have you heard of Stitchin' Heaven?  No?  Let me introduce you.

Followers, this is Stitchin' Heaven.  Stitchin' Heaven is a quilt shop in Quitman, Texas.  Stitchin' Heaven, these are my followers.

I know, I know.  Most of you don't live in Texas.  Me neither.  Stitchin' Heaven also has a great online shop.  If you sign up for their emails, they will email you often.  Sometimes, these emails have spectacular the one you see to your left.

Aha!  Now you see where I am going with this.  They sent me an email saying that you could buy 15 yards of fabric and get 15 yards of fabric free.  Wait, what?  That's right.  Basically, 50% off if you buy 30 yards in 1 yard (minimum) increments.  I immediately chose 30 yards of fabric and added them to my cart.

What?  You can't really see the fabric?  How is this one?  v

All 30 yards - spread out
Apparently, I took too long drooling over choosing my fabric and almost half of choices were already sold out.  Dang it!  They emailed me and asked me to please choose some more fabrics.  No problemo...

I chose enough new fabrics + a few extra...just in case.

Shortly after, I received a box in the mail.  Woo Hoo!  So exciting.  I open the box and start to fondle inventory the fabric.  I noticed that the fabric was very nicely folded and stacked and wrapped in pretty, purple tissue paper.  (Keep that for future use...).  In the box is also my receipt, a couple of advertisements about shop hops, specials, etc and a catalog...nice catalog.  Uh oh.  I'm short 10 yards.  Uggg.  I checked the receipt.  Charged for 15 yards worth...only 5 free.  There was a free fat quarter in there.  That's cool.

Okay.  How do I handle this?  I sent an email to Stitchin' Heaven.  I received a very timely response that there still weren't enough fabrics on my list to fill my order, but if I would choose another list of fabrics (20-25 of them), they would send me the missing 10 yards.  Sure thing.  I make my new selections and I wait.

I get a second box in the mail.  YAY!  My missing 10 yards.  Ooh!  And another free fat quarter.  Score!


Long Live Vintage
I was so pleased with their customer service, I thought that I would tell all of you about the store and my experience.

If you have ever been wary of buying fabric online, no fear!  Shop at Stitchin' Heaven.  They took care of me.  :)

They have a very nice selection of fabrics, as you can see.  They have tone on tone fabrics, focus fabrics and even batiks!  Aren't these batiks just beautiful?
Aviary 2
One of the best things about ordering from Stitchin' Heaven (besides the free fat quarter with every order) is that they have the information about your fabric (name, line, color, etc) on a sticker stuck right to the cut of fabric.  Very convenient!Now, if any of my followers see the picture and say "What fabric is that on the left of the 3rd picture?", I can actually get them an answer instead of "I don't remember..."  

Elvis Nights
For those of my followers that made it this far, I will be giving away a 1/2 yard of each of the "Freckles" to 1 lucky follower.  Notice that I didn't advertise this in the blog title?  Yeah, I know, sneaky.  I wanted to reward the people that actually read it.  All you have to do is comment on this post.  Tell me something witty.  You don't have to be a follower, but how else will you know if you win?  I will post a winner sometime on Sunday, 11/20.

Now, comes the hard part.  Putting all my new stash additions away...neatly.


  1. I have never ordered from Stitchin Heaven (I'm on a fabric diet) but I get their newsletter & am truly impressed with their inventory. I also follow them to dool over the quilting cruises they sponsor - someday I'm going on one!!! I do follow your blog but I'm not very witty but bedtime here so goodnite, sleep tite & don't let the bedbugs bite!!!

  2. I was lucky enough to actually visit Stichin' Heaven in person a few years ago-- such a great shop! It's nice to hear that their mail-order is just as awesome. I think I'm gonna have to go sign up for their mailing list now. You got some seriously phat lewtz there! :)

  3. Sorry, I forgot something witty in my comment and had to re-do it!

    I got that email from Stitchin Heaven about the 15 yard BOGO promotion too. So far I've resisted ordering, but I think I'll go look again -- I do like to patronize shops with good customer service. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Something witty...I heard this once...
    A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

  4. Wow! that's a lot of fabric, and glad to read about their good customer service.
    Once I was lucky enough to win one of their giveaways too :D

    Something witty;
    Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian. :D

  5. I agree, great customer service from SH! I just clicked on your 'my completed quilts' and it said, coming soon....does that mean you haven't completed any? :-) (just trying to be witty)

  6. I just received this email about buying 15 and getting 15 free. I only I hadn't ordered my fabric quota for the month!! ug... Some of that fabric looks awesome. May slink over and take a look anyway ;).

  7. OK Mary, I'm trying to be a good girl by deleting all the fabric email offers sent to me, and you have to share information on this great deal ;-)!!!! I actually do need some new fabric in 1 yard increments for a quilt idea came to me. Thanks!

  8. I can't think of something witty to say, but I love the fabrics you picked and thank for the tip about this store.

  9. I love the yellow wood grain in the Aviary you bought. Great fabric choices!

  10. I just checked out this store...looks great! Might have to try it.
    My comment: I have a balanced diet..a glass of wine in each hand! :)

  11. Thanks for writing about your experience with that store. I've heard of them, but I haven't placed an order. I sometimes wonder which online stores have good customer service and now I have another to add to my list! I don't really have anything witty to say off the top of my head. All of this housework and catching that even possible?........has dulled by brain. I do like the comment by Flo! LOL!!

  12. I think my fabric diet is over... I'm always on the lookout for new on-line fabric shops, especially ones that have been recommended by fellow bloggers, off to check out my next "meal" now.

  13. I am SO not witty! But love your post and the pics of the fabric!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am not sure I have anything witty to say!! But I did enjoy your blog post and I will put that store on my list the next time I am going to make a major fabric purchase

  15. I've never heard of this quilting store, so I'll have to check it out! Cool, and great customer service is the best!

    I'm all out of wittiness, though my brother constantly tells me his favorite: "Never trust a fart!" HAHA

  16. You are such an enabler...I can't wait to see what you make with your beauties, now I have to go sign up for their great deals.

  17. Saw that deal too and deeply regret having already used all my fabric dough! I like this...
    ...ask not of money spent,
    where the spender thinks it went.
    Nobody was ever meant,
    To remember or invent,
    just what he did with every cent!
    ...some inimitable wit from my fav poet, Robert Frost.

  18. Thanks for the head's up on a new (to me) on-line fabric store. I'm off to check it out.

  19. eek, who knew it was so hard to be witty on command? I don't think I can pull it off :) when I buy knew fabric it always stays out in plain view so I can admire it for a least a week or so :)

  20. what a great deal on fabric! something witty.... "sometimes i watch birds and think to myself... if i could fly who would i shit on."

  21. I love that you "reviewed" this online fabric store for us! I have never purchased from them, but have bought online here and there for years without problems. Nice to have another store to visit!

  22. Oooo Freckles! Those are great (on noses and in quilts). Thanks for the fun giveaway, and now I have a place to order from in the future!

  23. Once a fellow met a fellow in the fellow beans, then the fellow asked the fellow if the fellow could tell the fellow what the fellow means!
    I am TRYING to be witty enough to win this for my crazed and deranged quilting sister!!!

  24. Oh my, like any of us need an excuse to buy more fabric! The 30 yard discount is so enticing even with my stash busting at the seems! Thanks for the giveaway, and the tip. I am saving the link to Stichin' Heaven.

  25. What a lovely giveaway. I must confess that I have a fabric addiction!

  26. I have never heard of Stitchin' Heaven but I can't wait to check them out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Hi! Just learning how to sew. My sis in law is already great at it!

  28. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm going over there to check them out now. I love great deals! :)

  29. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Love the fabric colors.
    cereza25 at yahoo dot com

  30. So pretty! I'm learning to sew and would love to make a baby quilt!

  31. What a fabulous haul of fabric! Wow!!
    I can't think of anything witty to say!!

  32. Oh my gosh! You must be in stitchinheaven yourself right now! I know I missed the giveaway, but had to congratulate you and thank you for the great find! I live 50 miles from pavement...I'm getting along real well with online fabric purchases lately:)


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