Monday, March 5, 2012

Design Wall Help

I finally have a little bit of space I can use as a design wall.  What is the best way to make a design wall with the least amount of damage to the wall itself (I am renting an apartment)?  Any ideas?



  1. I got some 108" wide white flannel & pinned it up. It works great and I can have several projects up there at once. There are some holes (obviously), but they're tiny and won't be noticeable if I ever rearrange my sewing room.

  2. I bout 2 sheets of a foam insulation board 4' x 8' and nailed each board with 4 very thin nails to the wall and covered it with flannel. I wonder if the double stick tape that is with 3-M command poster strips would hold it up
    good luck

  3. I'm using batting held up with push pins top and bottom. I'm using a queen sized Warm and White, but you could use whatever size works with your wall space. It works wonderfully well. When you take in down, fill in the holes with tooth paste.

    Good luck!

  4. styrofoam covered in batting with string to hang on nails in the wall- I love that it makes it portable so I can move it to a brighter room to take pictures of whatevers on it.

  5. I used foam core board, stapled on batting scraps and a cheap table cloth wrong side out. The fabric sticks to the fuzzy backing of the table cloth.

  6. I used insulating ceiling tiles (about 5$ each at your local hardware store) covered in flannel. You only need a few small nails to hold them up and they work like foam core (i.e. you can pin into them) but you can also iron on them without melting them.


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