Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Step Closer

I finally finished the quilting on bf Genius' quilt.  All I have to do now is some thread cleanup.  Woot woot!  My goal was for him to have it when we moved into our new house next month and I made it!!

Tulip Stars by Quilt Genius (01/2013)

 I will post some more pictures of the detail and a full picture when I can get him to let go of it.  :)

This is a picture taken by bf Genius by where we work.  Isn't it pretty?  It's so nice to be able to walk outside work and see something so pretty.

On a different note, I have made a commitment to myself to get healthier and with bf Genius' help, I am doing just that.  I have been eating better and going to the gym regularly.  I feel so much better!  bf Genius even gave me what he has left of his personal training sessions (about 10 or so).  I will start seeing the trainer on Friday.  Wish me luck!


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